Preparing for your assignment

When we come out to your location it is a fun experience for everyone involved. Depending on the assignment we may come out with lights, backgrounds, reflectors, a crew etc. Sometimes we get a lot of curious staff members, guests or customers wondering what is going on?

 ACP always

  • Professional and courteous
  • Limits inconvenience to staff, guests, customers or residents
  • Respectful of work areas and private property surrounding your property
  • Works with your schedule
  • Flexible and will adjust to circumstances

Prior to an assignment basic preparation should be done to make everything as smooth as possible. The following highlights some of the things you should consider prior to an assignment. Of course not all are germane to every assignment but these bullets should help as a guideline.

Basic Information

  • Who is the photographer's contact while onsite?
  • Are there any security or access limitations for the photographer?
  • Does your company require a certificate of insurance?
  • What are the hours for access?

Interior photography

  • Are rooms to be photographed clean?
  • Are there any decorations that need to be taken down?
  • Can the photographer rearrange furniture or items on desks?
  • Will props be required?
  • Is there access to control the lights in the room?

Exterior photography

  • Is the landscape presentable?
  • Is there any construction activity going on?
  • For twilight or evening photography are the lights set to come on appropriately?
  • Can cars be removed from front of building if necessary?
  • Can interior blinds or curtains be rearranged if out of place?


  • Will the photographer need a badge?
  • If the photographer needs off hour access who needs to be contacted?
  • Are there electrical outlets if needed?
  • Are there limitations to what the photographer can photograph?
  • Is there an area to set up lighting and background if required?


  • Are the product(s) clean and photograph ready?
  • Will special propping be needed to secure the product?
  • Is the product susceptible to fingerprints?
  • Is there an area at your facility where the product can be staged appropriately for photography? 

Staff lifestyle photographs

  • Do all participants know of the scheduled photography?
  • Is staff informed of any dress requirements (e.g. uniforms, dress suits etc.)? 
  • Does staff need to have appropriate safety dress for the photos (e.g. gloves, goggles, steel toe boots etc. )?

Staff portraits

  • Do you have a room or space which is at least 10'W and 20'L?
  • Do all participants know of the scheduled photography?
  • Do you want the participants posed in a similar fashion?
  • Do you have a specific background color requirement?