Post Processing

Included in price of your photography

  • Color correction
  • Crop per any requirements
  • Standard editing - contrast, sharpness etc.
  • Removal of minor obstacles, wires, signs etc.
  • Output of your choice
  • Color Space of your choice e.g. sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998), ProPhoto RGB, CMYK etc.
We can provide additional editing as per your request. If it is something that can be done easily on a limited number of images there will be no charge. If it is something that is more involved we may charge a reasonable hourly rate.    

Typical deliverables for architectural and product

  • High Resolution Tiff - between 20 and 50MB each
  • Reduced size Jpeg - good for sharing via email, pdf or web
  • Sent out on DVD. Some cases put on FTP server
  •  Color space of your choice. If none specified sRGB will be provided. See below for more detail.

Typical deliverables for convention, tradeshow or event

  • Large Jpeg - between 2 to 3MB each.
  • Put to server for download and or CD/DVD can be sent out

Common Color Space profiles

  • sRGB - Good for displaying images on the web and for lab prints. It has a smaller gamut than Adobe RGB (1998) and ProPhoto but often is the recommended choice for final output as it is the most universal. 
  • Adobe RGB (1998) – It has a wider gamut than sRGB and often preferred by designers and graphic artists.
  • ProPhoto RGB - Has a larger color gamut than Adobe RGB. It needs to be edited in 16-bit and resulting file size is much larger.
  • CMYK - CMYK is the industry standard for 4-color printing in magazines, brochures and newspapers. It has a limited color space and care needs to be taken when converting a wider color space to CMYK.

We edit most of our architectural and product images using ProPhoto RGB on color calibrated wide gamut monitors. Unless otherwise requested, we convert the edited images to 8-bit sRGB Tiff files for delivery. It makes sense to deliver a standard color space which meets requirements for many labs and display viewing.

When requested we will provide the images in the color space of your choice.

Prior to an assignment we will discuss your exact output requirements and tailor the output for your needs.