Frequently asked questions

  1. Do you charge by the hour?

    Usually not. Typically we charge a flat rate for each assignment. Our clients appreciate this as there is no surprise on the invoice. It allows them to budget for the assignment and understand the full cost up front.
  2. What format do you deliver the images in?

    We can deliver in any format you require. Typically we deliver high resolution Tiff images and lower resolution Jpegs.
  3. Do we obtain full usage rights of your photographs?

    Yes! As part of our contract you will receive full usage rights. The only exception is you cannot sell or give away any of the photographs to another business or person who does not work for your company.
  4. Can you supply a certificate of insurance prior to an assignment?

    Absolutely. If you require a certificate please let us know and we will have our insurance company send you a copy.
  5. Can you provide talent (models/actors)?

    Absolutely!! Please read about our lifestyle packages here. All talent is client approved.
  6. Do you travel throughout Florida?

    Yes. Our travel rates are very reasonable.
  7. Do you travel out of state?

    Yes. Costs differ depending on region, distance and equipment needs but we try to make out of state travel work within your budget.
  8. What are your rates?

    Our rates vary depending on the complexity of assignment, travel, etc. Each assignment is evaluated on its merits. We feel All Commercial Photography offers the best value, quality and service of any commercial photography business in Florida. Need a quote? Please fill out our Quote Request Form.
  9. Do you charge for editing?

    Our final photographs are edited, adjusted and print ready when we deliver them to you. Minor obstacles in a scene (e.g. switches, wires etc., exit signs etc.) are removed if deemed unnecessary and detract from the scene. There is no charge for this. If you require additional editing such as removal of a building, adding landscape, etc. we may charge a reasonable hourly rate if we cannot do this quickly.
  10. How soon do you deliver the images after the assignment?

    In most cases, we send out a CD/DVD within 5 days of the assignment.
  11. For your business event coverage can you burn a CD/DVD onsite after the event?

    Yes. If you need the images immediately after the event we can supply this.
  12. Can we download our images rather than receive a DVD?

    Yes. In most cases we will send out a link for you to download the images from our server. In the case where we need to deliver a large amount of Tiff images it is sometimes more practical to send out a DVD(s). 
  13. Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes. We accept Visa, Discover, Master Card and American Express.
  14. Do you allow direct deposit or electronic transfer?

    Yes. We can provide your accounting department with electronic banking information if that is the preferred way of payment.